I had a dream of building a beautiful portfolio of my work, not just where I worked ala Linked In but all the things I'd made in one place.

I did this on my personal website for a while but I realized I wasn't keeping it up-to-date because it took too much time.

After I redesigned my personal website (and had to redesign my project pages) I realized I wanted an easier way to update and maintain the list of projects.

I had the IWorkedOn.com domain registered from a previous idea, and decided to reuse it.

Initially I built something for my personal use, but after I shared my portfolio with people, they asked if they could build their own portfolio too.

So I Worked On became a platform for anyone to build a portfolio of the projects they made.

I now have an extensive list of things I've made of the years, and hope you use I worked on to share what you've made with others.


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