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88 projects
Name Status
Filtered Share curated content in minutes Active
Follow Team Great teams to follow on Twitter Active
For Sale By Maker Real projects for sale by real makers Active
Hacker News Day An alternative way to navigate Hacker News. Autopilot
I Worked On Tracking the projects you've built! Active Oh yeah this website
Maker Network Explore the Product Hunt Maker Network Autopilot
Operation Pie Are you a top SAAS company? Active
Pod Hunt Product Hunt but for Podcasts Active Soft launched 8/5
Pod Pending Other
Practical A podcast for makers Active
Product News Product News is the quickest way to get your daily dose of the latest in Product all from one place. Left
Streaming Originals Just the original TV shows streaming on Disney, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and everything else! Autopilot
Title Race Easily follow the run-in for the 2019 Premier League season Autopilot
Balance Daily email with your Coinbase account balance Autopilot
ICO Review DB A Curated Directory of ICO Reviews Zombie
Indie saas Follow along as we build our indie saas businesses Active
New Movies Coming Out Never miss a movie coming out again Autopilot
newCo Learn to build a startup, with or without code Dead Now MakerPad
Peerkey Add Trust & Reputation To Peer-To-Peer Crypto Transactions Left
Share Metrics Easily share key KPI's within your team for a side project or startup Active
Wallet List Shareable list of your public cryptocurrency wallets Autopilot
500 Coins A forever changing list of the Top 500 Cryptocurrencies Autopilot
500 Products A list of the Top 500 Products on Product Hunt Autopilot
500 Streamers A forever changing list of the Top 500 streamers on Twitch Autopilot
Accepting All the places that let you pay with Bitcoin Zombie
BlabRoulette Chatroulette for blab Dead Blab shut down
BotFunded Keep up to date on all the Bot-funding news Left No longer involved on a daily basis
BotJobs A job board focused on the Bot Industry Left No longer involved on a daily basis
Cap Compare Bitcoin’s market cap vs fiat currencies and public companies Autopilot
DashMetrics Easily digestible infographic dashboards Left
Hackathon Match Find collaborators for the Product Hunt Global Hackathon Zombie
How Much Is A Bitcoin Worth? See the current price of BTC and what it could buy you Autopilot
Make Side Project Making a Side Project in Public Active
MCU Movies Movie information and all the latest MCU news Active
Publicly Build in the open Zombie
Show List Share bands you've seen live, discover new bands Left
TopShots Your top nine Dribbble shots for each year Dead
Will Robots Take My Job? Find out how susceptible your job is to automation Sold
500 Hunters Forever changing list of the Top 500 Hunters on Product Hunt Autopilot
BotList Curated list of chatbots across multiple platforms Left No longer involved on a daily basis
Chatmunk Experience topics & events in real-time channels for Twitter Dead
Golden Kitty Awards Standings See all current standings for those nominated Dead ProductHunt does this better now
Hunts Your favorite products categorized Zombie
NY Tech Loop Community site for the Upstate New York software industry Sold Before we officially launched
Quuu Promote Promote your content to influencers Left No longer involved on a daily basis
Suggest a Guest Easily suggest a guest for your favorite podcasts Zombie
Top Authors A leaderboard for Medium Authors Active
Top Lists A leaderboard for Twitter lists Zombie
Top Publications A leaderboard for Medium publications Active
500 Makers An updated list of the Top 500 Makers on Product Hunt Autopilot
Chats.Directory A curated list of the best Slack groups for professionals Dead
Creators Log Share your product creation journey Dead
Embed Hunt Add the details of any Product Hunt "hunt" to your site Dead No longer needed
Feedsites Create an amazing website for your SoundCloud podcast Dead
Insights Analysis of web products that shape the gaming industry Dead
Interviewed A database of podcast interviews about startups Zombie
Maker Hunt The knowledge-sharing community for Product Hunt makers Dead
Maker Success Discover the stories behind successful Product Hunt launches Dead
Marketing Stack A curated directory of marketing resources & tools Sold Now dead
Options Worth Find out what your stock options are worth Autopilot
Payy Create a simple page to get paid for anything, anytime Dead Got shut down by Stripe
Product Hunt Book Club AMAs with the authors of great books, once per month Dead
Product Hunt Daily River A feed of the day's top hunts in chronological order Autopilot
Quuu Hand curated content suggestions for social media Left No longer involved on a daily basis
Remote Duck Strangers on the Internet that can help you debug your code Dead
When Active Target your tweets to the right people at the right time Dead Shutdown by Twitter
Teamote Build a website for your League of Legends team Dead
Now Play Us Schedule multiplayer games any platform, any game, any time Dead
App In Review Where is my app in the review queue? Zombie
Go Menu Go Menus. Redefined. Personally. Dead Built during a startup weekend
New Today iOS app showing you tv shows with new episodes today Dead
Statamic Build powerful, dynamic websites without a database Left No longer involved on a daily basis
Is it opening day? Told you if today was the opening day of the MLB season Autopilot
Reaper Links to recaps of baseball games Dead
Fav Sav Easily save and share your favorite things online Dead
Cymbolism Quantify the association between colors and words Autopilot
How I Spent My Stimulus See how Americans report spending their economic stimulus checks Dead Small window of relevance
My Timezone Is Your timezone managed globally Active
Design by Grid A curated collection of sites what use design grids for their layout Dead
Full Single A curated collection of sites that are just one page Sold
See it Skip it Helps you decide if you want to see a movie based on reviews Dead
Cool Site Collection A new cool site every day Dead
Fugitive Toys Urban vinyl toy store Sold
Launch Feed Keep you informed on all the latest website launches Active
Light on Dark A curated collection of sites with a light text on a dark background Dead
Most Inspired Aggregating design inspiration Zombie
Episode List Online TV guide, before TV Guide was online Zombie
Game Navigator Tracking the results of your favorite sports teams Dead